North Dakota Guided Snow Goose Hunts

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Typically snow geese arrive in our area around the first week of April. We chase them from Arkansas, all the way up through the Dakotas.

Laying under thousands of screaming snow geese descending from the heavens is heart pumping. Expect to be in muddy conditions with variable weather conditions including snow, rain, freezing temps, or bluebird sky, 70 degree days. Mother Nature is typically the deciding factor of what takes place out in the field as far as birds harvested. Hunters must take care of all harvested birds. There are multiple freezers for bird storage. 

Guided Snow Goose Hunts


Typically the hunts are 3 full days of hunting and consist of dry field hunting out of layout blinds or A-frames. Massive decoy spreads and feeds with thousands, or traffic fields hunting migrators. There isn’t a hunting experience quite like snow goose hunting. Although it can be a feast or famine type of hunting, the rewards can be unreal.

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